Unified Communication: A catalyst for customer success across all industries

Unified Communication: A catalyst for customer success across all industries

What is Unified Communication?

In today’s world, people work together in a dynamic business environment in different ways. They need smarter collaborative and communication tools, round-the-clock connectivity, and flexible device usage to have a consistent in-office experience while working remotely.

As the workforce spreads globally, collaboration and mobility have become the need of the hour and give rise to the concept, ‘Unified Communication.’

The main agenda behind unified communications is to enhance user convenience and business productivity by unifying communication, collaboration, messaging, and mobility.

The role of Unified Communications to the digital workforce

As we have read earlier, unified communications, or UC, bring communication and collaboration together. The combination is a boon for the emerging remote working trends, as it helps teams improve their workforce and productivity seamlessly.

Unified Communications provides a higher level of interaction throughout the globally-dispersed workforce. It offers uninterrupted team access by incorporating:

  • Voice calling
  • Video calling
  • Messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Messaging
  • File sharing
  • Team collaboration   

and so much more….

Benefits of Unified Communications

People use different independent tools, solutions, and platforms for  communications. UC helps to unify all these under a single umbrella. Let’s know about the significant benefits of UC:

  • Reduce cost: Unified Communications operate on the cloud system; it allows firms to move from the Capex model to an OpEx strategy with less initial expenses.
  • Better productivity: Allow the team to connect via any platform, 24 x 7 seamlessly.
  • More robust performance: Since employees can communicate and collaborate at once, they can resolve customer issues faster, thus improving your brand reputation with better productivity.
  • Enhanced user experience: Employees can choose any platform or device they feel most comfortable with. It gives them more freedom and engagement to work.

Reasons for how important it is to have a Unified communications plan in place:

UC is efficient and manageable.

United Communications provides you with unified and integrated platforms that seamlessly connect your desktop computer, mobile devices, and your entire team. It helps to streamline all communication at a single place that efficiently works across all devices.

Call optimization features let you access all of your contact details in a single space. It allows the employees to easily communicate with clients, making things run more smoothly than before.

Cloud-based UC can free up space in your office, as traditional on-site servers are not required anymore.

Enhance security

With the integration of UCS, all your calls encrypt via an internet connection. UC assures you that all your communications, including phone calls, messages, emails, etc., are safe and secure.

Personal and sensitive information is vital for every business, and it will be safe while using the Unified Communication system.

Centralized information

It isn’t easy to have a separate communication platform for each team or project. There are times when you want to retrieve a piece of information, but you have to go through all your chats, emails, messages, etc. We all know that it is tiresome and time-consuming.

Using UC lets you keep all your data in a centralized location, making it convenient to access data later. All in one, easy to access platform unifies your data and calls in centralized storage space.

Lower costs

When you want to send an email, you need not sign in to Outlook, or if you’re going to post any event coming soon on social media, you need not come across various social media platforms. Unified Communications let you collaborate everything with just one software.

Saves time

UC allows all of your devices to stay unified across the network. It allows you to instantly respond to calls and messages either from your office or outside calls. Thus UC platform empowers your business with constant communication and spontaneous response, enabling quality customer service.

Improved collaboration

As we have discussed earlier, communication and collaboration go hand in hand while using the Unified Communication system. It is easy to host a video conference, and your employees can join immediately, wherever they are. It has made it feasible for international clients to participate in real-time effortlessly. So, effortless collaboration and communication are possible on the go.

Final thoughts

Investing in a unified communications platform can contribute a lot to your business. It can enhance communication and collaboration, resulting in productivity.

Thus a unified communication platform can reduce the risks of miscommunications, keeping your teams ahead of time.

So, save money, save time, and save energy by investing in a UC platform.

When you have advanced technologies to explore, then give it a go!