Harnessing the Power of Augmented Reality in UC

Harnessing the Power of Augmented Reality in UC

The influence of augmented reality can impact several areas of our lives in the foreseeable future. Integrating augmented reality with unified communications can enable to revolutionize customer experiences in significant ways.
Unified communication solution has emerged as best-in-class solution to improve business communication and collaboration. It enables to streamline business processes and helps to build better customer relationships.
Thus, unified communication solutions provide immense convenience for businesses and are the reason major businesses proactively adopt UC tools and technology to stay ahead of their competitors.

Augmented Reality in UC

In the pandemic-stricken era, as the workforces have moved remote, organizations have largely switched to UC portals to keep uninterrupted communication and collaboration among the dispersed teams. Though modern devices cannot replicate the experience of a face-to-face conversation, these devices fail to capture the nuances of a real-time conversation.
But these challenges can be resolved with the advent of augmented reality or virtual reality integration in UC platforms. These innovative technologies exist at the cusp of real and virtual worlds and allow users to have virtual renditions in real-time.
As the name implies, augmented reality creates a digital environment that can be accessible through specialized headsets. Users can interact with digital objects in the environment, and head movements can be monitored to recognize and simulate the feeling of looking around. It has the power to create an overlay of interactive graphics and information over real-world objects.
Let us see how augmented reality can benefit UC business:

Real-time communication

With the help of AR-enabled devices, it is possible to place 2D objects on any surface or hang 3D holograms in space. Thus, it is possible to communicate with remote teams through the hologram instead of making voice or video calls.

For instance, it lets you have a live view of your official gathering from anywhere globally. Thus, cutting down travel expenses and improving employee engagement.

Contact Centre can leverage these technologies to provide better customer service.

Enhanced collaboration

Augmented reality provides dynamic ways of team collaboration and communication for globally dispersed teams.

AR-powered devices create a collaborative environment for the employees to easily strap on their headsets with other AR-integrated devices to create an interactive environment.

With the help of AR devices, new project designs can be visualized effectively in the real-world; thus, technical faults can be projected easily.

Well-informed visualization

Businesses need access to data visualization and analytical tools to derive actionable insights from operational data. AR-powered tools can help to create useful data simulations for employees. These data can be made interactive to show instant results.

Businesses can also make use of AR-powered tools to create life-like demos or realistic tours to present to clients.

Final thoughts

AR-powered tools are becoming an everyday reality sooner than we think. Organizations can rely on these innovative platforms to have an enriched customer experience.