The Role of Intuitive Dashboards in Automax Business Intelligence Solution

AutoMax Business Intelligence allows businesses to extract data and make the most out of it. Dashboards are one of the most popular capabilities of business intelligence solutions as they present the data easier to visualize and analyze.  AutoMax Business Intelligence dashboards combine graphs, charts, and reports in a single frame to help extract informed decisions. […]

Automax Auto Scheduling Features to Enhance Workforce Management System

Employee scheduling is a crucial aspect to keep running businesses effectively. Although employee scheduling is complex and challenging, AutoMax Workforce Management System enables auto-scheduling to help businesses meet their productivity goals.  Studies show that highly engaged workspaces face a reduced rate of absenteeism and increased employee productivity.  Moreover, integrating auto-scheduling allows managers and business leaders […]

Automax BI Reporting to Get the Most Out of Your Business

Big data plays a significant role in data analysis, intelligent reporting, and business information. Businesses can no longer rely on spreadsheets as they cannot accurately analyze and utilize the data gathered.  And here, business intelligence reporting comes into the scene, as it provides employees with adequate data and empowers organizations to gather data effectively and […]

Fleet Management

IoT Based AutoMax Fleet Management System to Revolutionize Fleet Operations

As fleets and companies adopt technology to differentiate themselves in a crowded market and optimize their operations, fleet managers are responsible for coordinating an increasing number of employees, systems, technologies, third-party integrations, etc. Companies must handle growing demand and tightening capacity alongside other industries. Being able to manage a fleet in its entirety, from day-to-day […]

Unified Communications

Transforming Business Through AutoMax Unified Communications

  Gone are the days of communication strictly by fax or desk phones. The dynamic business needs more instantaneous modes of communication, and so are the organizations embracing new means of communication.  AutoMax Unified Communications or UC solutions enable you to send client emails on the go, quickly text your colleagues, and of course, video […]

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Employee scheduling to boost business productivity

  Employee scheduling is one of the major aspects of the workforce management system. As we are familiar with, employee scheduling is a complex process. It’s a juggling act that comprises fulfilling workforce needs, managing employee requests, and considering fruitful shift coverages. Apart from all these, employee scheduling includes adhering to compliance rules, managing labor […]

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Features to Look for In a Quality Incident Management System

The reasons to invest in an Incident Management System The primary goal of investing in an incident management system is undoubtedly to ensure safety. The next goal is to restore services back to normal as early as possible, and the third goal is to reduce the impact of the incidents on business operations. At last, […]


How Automated Scheduling Benefits the Modern Business

Manually scheduling your mobile workforce can lead to missed appointments, unhappy customers, dissatisfied employees, inefficient allocation, and missed opportunities. However, automating employee scheduling can lead to satisfied customers and a healthier bottom line.  What is automated employee scheduling? Automated employee scheduling uses artificial intelligence to choose the right employees for the right job based on […]

Unified Communications

Unified Communications to Transform your Business

As the field of communications is constantly evolving, businesses require diverse communication methods to meet the business requirements. Businesses are gradually adopting smarter communication solutions to enhance communication and collaboration.  A communication platform that incorporates PCs, desk phones, mobile devices, and other collaborative platforms is the need of the hour. The demand for a more […]

Business Intelligence

Making Smarter Decisions for the Future with Business Intelligence

Business intelligence aids in the extraction of significant facts from data, primarily unstructured data, and the transmission of that information into actionable information that allows businesses to make better decisions, increase productivity, and improve operational efficiency. This valuable data assists businesses in gaining a better understanding of their customers, including how they act and what […]