Incident Management

Improve Your Incident Management Process in A Way Never Before

Establishing a process that can enhance both the people operations and technology is the major step towards a truly holistic incident management approach. As we are aware of the fact that a major incident can cause several commercial damages and affect the brand reputation, organizations are mindful of the need for an incident management system […]

Top 5 ways you’re failing at Business Intelligence

  Business Intelligence is crucial for making strategic business decisions, but often there are chances to get BI efforts hindered by tactical errors, improper data factors, etc. These data threats can creep their way into effective business plans and disrupt your business’s bottom level. Thus, business leaders understand the importance of accurate data for making […]

Improve Business Revenue with Employee Scheduling

Managing employees from different locations can be difficult and stressful. Employee work shifts, if not handled properly, can negatively affect your business and bottom line. Thus, it is pivotal to have a sound employee scheduling system in hand. The need for an effective employee scheduling Effective employee scheduling practices will get reflected in the business […]

Top ways to create an intelligent Fleet Management system

In today’s advanced technological ways, there are many ways to enhance fleet performance. Intelligent fleet management systems will give way to resolve most of the issues faced by fleet operators.  An effective fleet management system is an indispensable tool for every fleet management company to ensure productive and cost-effective fleet operations. But organizations need to […]

Fleet Management in a Post-Covid World

Fleet Management in a Post-Covid World

The pandemic has put forth new challenges to fleet management, and it has changed the way how businesses function. Fleet managers need to develop new strategies to overcome these challenges.  The shift in the ways of operations has affected fleets across all industries around the globe. Some of the business strategies implemented by fleet management […]