Unified Communication Trends

Unified Communication Trends

The intervention of Unified Communications has shifted the way how businesses collaborate.

Things have changed due to the impact of the pandemic, and the workforce has been moved remotely. The workforce continues to evolve to grapple with the ‘new normal’; employees expect a flexible remote workspace that allows them to work and collaborate anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

The potential to provide your employees with the tools they need to communicate and collaborate efficiently, without the time and place constraints while enjoying the benefits of enhanced productivity makes ‘UC’ a must adopted strategy for businesses in 2021.

Unified Communications can provide a flexible and enhanced way of communicating and collaborating. Let’s know about the evolving UC trends.

Unified Communication Trends

  • Adoption of UCaaS

Unified Communication platform merges communication channels such as voice, SMS, video, and email in the cloud. Nowadays, most businesses are adopting UCaaS- Unified Communications as a Service model. All the business communications can be integrated into a single space, and it gives the users the ease of collaborating effectively. This model can be a cost-effective and organized form of business communication. Employees need not shift to a different platform to communicate with the remote team. Thus, all forms of communication are brought under a single umbrella.

  • Artificial Intelligence is evolving

At present, the footprints of artificial intelligence can be seen in almost all areas. It can effectively transform business operations and communications. Implementing AI technology can enhance communication, and collaboration can help organizations reap accurate and faster outcomes. For instance: think about the growing demands for virtual chatbots, virtual assistants, integrated services, etc.

  • Shift to cloud solutions

During this remote working time, cloud solutions are an excellent way for businesses to operate productively. Cloud solutions have become a boon for employees, as they can access the resources from anywhere, anytime.

Considering all these, UC providers include cloud solutions for businesses to take advantage of more comprehensive cloud solutions.

  • Focus on EX as well as CX

In 2021, most UC providers are focused on improving employee experience (EX) rather than focusing on customer experience (CX). Improving employee experience will directly enhance customer experience, which is the business goal at the end of the day.

Thus unified communications can help employees reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Rise of Global SIP

Businesses across the world need to improve the global communications systems and stay ahead of the game. The intervention of global SIP allows multinational companies to expand and reduce communication costs. SIP trunking offers multimedia support and multichannel communications, having access to centralized cloud communications.

  • Physical endpoints

For employees, unified communications have given them the freedom to be mobile. The increased use of laptops and tablets has replaced the use of wired devices and desktops. Employees need the freedom to move, and they no longer want to feel restricted with these wired devices.

  • Increased collaboration

An all-in-one communication platform allows increased collaboration for employees, stakeholders, etc. It enables easier sharing of documents, files, and more. Thus UC makes it simplified for people to create, edit, share files without leaving their desk.

To sum up

Unified Communications can boost business productivity and help teams stay ahead of the game by using technology at its best.  

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