Must-have features for Workforce Management System

Must-have features for Workforce Management System

As technology has evolved, we can see that the workforce management system has become part and parcel of many organizations. These tools streamline the workforce and help to make the whole workforce process more accessible and transparent. A workforce management system is a tool intuitively designed to support the day-to-day operations of a workforce. It […]



The influence of weather on operation management results from a variation of well-known Phenomena. Serious weather conditions are already a substantial focus of operations. Weather-related events (rainfall, fog, blizzards, floods, sleet, snow, and ice) are substantial obstructions of traveling. Even small events such as massive rain decline capability and speeds and cause significant increases in […]

smart cities


Everywhere we travel nowadays we hear someone speaking about making their city a “smart city.” We put the faith in those creativities that have indomitable what they want “smart” to achieve whether it be zero net water consumption, becoming energy neutral for the public infrastructure, decline in commute times or educating services like refuse collection. […]