AutoMax Total Operation Management solutions are designed to address the specific needs of large and small-scale utility companies. Our tools make it easy to achieve real-time communication, which makes response time faster and more efficient. Field agents will be able to easily manage their case load on mobile devices and submit work orders to the main office.

Autoax Routing will also guide workers to the site of an incident by helping drivers avoid traffic jams, closed roads and other obstacles. When bad weather strikes or other community emergencies occur, AutoMax tools can help entire cities safely get back to business faster. This also means that vulnerable portions of the population won’t have to go long without vital utilities that keep them healthy and safe.

Other AutoMax solutions, including our AutoMax Fleet and AutoMax for Supervisory and Data Acquisition (SCADA) will also improve the way utilities operate and manage employees. Our fleet solutions connect dispatchers with field workers and help identify exactly who should be sent where and when. It also allows dispatch to monitor driver behavior to ensure that everyone is operating safely and according to company protocol.

With AutoMax SCADA, you can collect and analyze data into order to make sure that your utility company is operating as smoothing and efficiently as possible. It will also help you identify areas for automation and create a plan for the future. Knowing exactly where you are now will help you get to where you want to be down the road.

Ultimately, the right operation management tools streamline processes and save individuals and utility companies money. Fast response times will build customer loyalty through better service and well-functioning cities will actually draw in more business. Partner with AutoMax to get the software, mobile apps and other tools to drive your utility company.